Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Protect your children from Bullying on the School Bus?

It is my concern that bullying goes overlooked or it is redefined as teasing, a disagreement, or "acting out" within the Atlanta Public School System, especially at certain here are my thoughts on how to best to protect one's child from bullying on schools buses.

1. Parents teach your child to get on the bus, sit down, put his or her book-bag in their lap, and only speak with those in their seat.  Talking softly is a must.   Thus, If a bully gets up and confront them, then the bus driver can visible address the bully and the taunting is caught on tape.

2.Parents teach your child not to take matters into their own hand.  If your child gets into a fight with a bully, it makes it more difficult for the bus driver to build a bullying case.

3. Parents encourage your child to inform the school bus driver, administrator or teacher that he or she is being bullied by someone. A bus driver cannot help your child if he or she does not know if the bullying happening.

4. Parents know your schools policy and procedures concerning acts of bullying, also make sure your administrator know the policy, procedure and definition of bullying.  Remember there is an APS Student Bullying Incident Form online that a parent can fill out and turn into an administrator for investigation.


5. How can the community become more involved?  If a member of the community sees a school bus with students misbehaving wildly, hanging out the window, or throwing object out the window, then report that bus to APS Transportation, because a chaotic bus is breeding ground for bullying.  Either bus driver is not doing his or her job or the driver is doing her job and not receiving administrators support or requested monitor.   Thus, APS Transportation at 404-802-5500, so that our directors and supervisors may address the concerns.

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