Tuesday, November 5, 2013

....Written Up for Placing Safety First

....so it begins with APS Transportation now. The elementary school that I had concerns about lack of administrator support with students is making efforts to curtail student's behavior. It seems that the school and I are heading in the right direction.

On another note, my supervisors pulled me into the office to  "write me up"  concerning insubordination and failing to follow directions.  They continued to insist that I drive in unsafe conditions with the students bad behavior.  FOUR TIMES, I went to my supervisors and requested that a monitor be provide to assist me on  my route.  All four times they denied me the privilege to have a monitor and the students' behavior escalated.  If monitors were to have been provided, then these issues would not have occurred.   If I don't split my routes, I have to deal with fights, chaos, and unsafe driving conditions.  If I do split the route where there are smaller number of students to manage efficiently, then I am written up for insubordination.

  • My bus was overcrowded,  I sat for 35 minutes each day with wild elementary students (3 to 5th grade) at the primary (k-2nd grade) school waiting for students to load. 
  • For two days as I ran the route as the route sheet requested, I broke up six fights, prevented a disgruntle parent from getting on the bus to strike a child, and had to deal with a number of bullying picking, blew a rear tear out, countless students horse-playing and had students to shatter my window, Friday October 25th.  
  • My supervisor wanted me to run a route with 80 students unsafely.  I took the initiative to return to my original plan of splitting the route because the big kids were name calling, bullying, and wrestling over my little kids.
  • I did not have any major trouble concerning operating an A & B route and the older kids stopped picking on my little kids, stealing their food and seating arraignments. '
  • If the camera worked on my school bus, they would recognize the benefits of splitting the routes. 
  • The reason why they do not want me to do A&B routes is because students are arriving later than others for breakfast.  If I was provided a monitor, I could get them to school on time or split my route up with another driver. 

Below is a copy of the first letter:

Concerning the 2nd Letter:

  • The main point,  I requested a monitor that afternoon but was denied.  If a monitor was provided, I would not be writing on my blog on how school bus drivers continually get the bad end of the stick no matter what they do.  There would not have been an insubordinate issues.
  • The reason I needed a monitor because students were non-complaint, throwing items at myself and others, and in addition jumping over seats and horse-playing.  
  • I did try to contact dispatch and both supervisors via radio and cell phone (I have the phone bill to prove it). Heck, I told them over the radio that kids are throwing glass and that I had a student with a stick on the bus waving it at students and there was no response. 
  • Drivers were playing on the radio and walking over other people's traffic and for whatever reason APS Transportation does not have the mean to track down drivers who play on the radio. 
  • I have been written up for policy and procedure that does not exist.
    • There is no APS Transportation policy stating that I need to stay and wait on a mechanic to bring me a school bus, especially when the bus operable. 
    • There is no APS Transportation policy and procedure that states what a school bus driver needs to do in emergency of broken or shatter windows.. 
    • Truthfully,  THERE IS NO APS TRANSPORTATION POLICY AND PROCEDURE...how then can you say that I was insubordinate when APS Transportation do not have policies and procedures to guide drivers in making sound decision.  Basically, I made a decision to meet the mechanic half-way to cut down on time.  I was under impression that I could not finish my route due to broken window and needed to return to Metropolitian.
  • I was instructed to contact the technician via radio and keep supervisor posted on progress, she did not specify how often I should report in, so I stayed on the mechanic channel til assistance arrived.

The bottom line I got written up for putting the students' safety first.

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